Evolution of the Particle Size Distribution of Vehicular Emissions
 in the Urban Atmosphere

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The objectives of this project are:

  • to develop a Lagrangian type mathematical model of aerosol transformation/transport in an urban environment that includes condensation, evaporation, coagulation, deposition, nucleation and emission
  • to assess changes in size distribution, with time, of vehicle exhaust particles emitted into urban air
  • to assess by detailed modelling, the effects of water vapour and the volatility of organics on the measured size distribution.




This project uses a theoretical modelling approach to study changes in particle size after emission from vehicles as the exhaust is dispersed into the urban atmosphere. The modelling work will make use of the input data from experimental measurements on engine emissions and atmospheric conditions in the UK together with emission inventory data and meteorological information. It uses a generic approach applicable to any city but the initial focus will be on London.

Start date/duration

January 1999 two years

Lead Organisations

University of Leeds

Middlesex University


To be presented at conferences and submitted to journals in the usual manner, the project will deliver:

  • a Lagrangian type model of aerosol transport and transformation
  • a transferable computer code to calculate aerosol size distribution under typical UK situations
  • publications and reports on modelling aerosol size distributions, summarising data about their viability and relationships with meteorological conditions.


British Atmospheric Data Centre

Ford Motor Co Ltd

Environmental health and medical communities

Further Details

Further information is available from the following contacts:

Lead Researcher: Dr A G Clarke

Tel: 0113 2332510, Fax: 0113 2440572, e-mail: a.g.clarke@leeds.ac.uk

P.I. at Middlesex University: Prof. R.S.Hamilton

Tel 0181 3626638 Fax 0181 3625232 e-mail: R.Hamilton@mdx.ac..uk

URGENT Programme Manager: Graham Leeks

Tel: 01491 692203, Fax: 01491 692313, e-mail: gjll@ceh.ac.uk