URGENT Programme
Air Science Projects

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Observation, modelling and management of urban air.

Development of a user friendly software package for predicting the concentration of pollutant in atmosphere and chimney emissions in urban environments.

Tracers and dispersion of gaseous pollutants.
Characterisation, source receptor modelling and fate of organics in airborne particles.
A thermal climatology of the West Midlands.
UWERN urban meteorology programme.

Evolution of particle size distribution of vehicular emissions in the urban atmosphere

Sources and sinks of urban aerosols.

An instrumented aircraft facility to provide vertical profiles of wind, temperature, turbulence, sensible heat, aerosol and trace gas concentrations and fluxes within the urban boundary layer for PUMA consortia model validation.

Airborne particulate pollutants; physiochemistry and toxicity.

Development of a lumped gas phase mechanism for use in urban chemical transport models.

Experimental quantification and modelling of dispersion of particles in urban street canyons.

Urban tree planting as an aid to air pollution abatement: cost-benefit analysis of the west Midlands case.

Diode laser detection of peroxy radicals in the atmosphere.