URGENT Annual Meeting 2000

Proceedings Contents

Preface – Introduction to URGENT: Sir Geoffrey Allen/Graham Leeks


Annual Meeting 2000 
of the NERC URGENT Thematic Programme

Opening session

Opening speech: Beverly Hughes MP, DETR Minister for Regeneration

Conference Address: Carwyn Jones AM Assistant Secretary for the Environment, Welsh Assembly

User Issues

User Perspectives on Air Quality Issues, John Pearson (Air Quality Consultant to European Industry)

User Perspectives For A Regeneration Agency, Steve Smith (Welsh Development Agency)

Science Projects


Air projects List

Workshop Report - Rapporteur John Pearson

UWERN Urban Meteorology Programme, Janet Barlow

Tracers And Dispersion Of Gaseous Pollutants, K M. Cooke, P. G. Simmonds, G. Nickless, F. Caton, S. DiSabatino, R. Britter

Direct Measurements of Total Aerosol Number Fluxes above a city:A contribution to subproject BIATEX-2, J.R. Dorsey, E.G. Nemitz, M.W. Gallagher, K.M. Beswick, K.N. Bower, P.I. Williams & D. Fowler

Physicochemical characterisation of some south Wales airborne particles: Park Slip West coal open-cast, Tim Jones, Kelly BéruBé, Lucy Reynolds & Roy Richards

Physicochemical characterisation of some south Wales airborne particles: Port Talbot, Tim Jones, Kelly BéruBé, Lucy Reynolds & Roy Richards

Gene Expression Profiling Following Instillation Of Diesel Exhaust Particles In Rat Lung: A First Study Lucy Reynolds, Kelly Bérubé, Timothy Jones And Roy Richards


Ecology Projects List

Workshop Report - Rapporteur George Barker

Biodiversity in Urban Habitat Patches, P Angold, M Hill, S Rushton, A Pullin.

The Development Of A Hydroecological Classification Of Urban Rivers, A.J Davenport, A.M Gurnell, & P.D Armitage.

Continuous monitoring of Folsomia candida (Collembola) in a metal exposure test, M.T. Fountain & S.P. Hopkin

Monitoring urban land use and morphology using remote sensing and GIS, Longley, P; Barnsley, M; Grey, W; Harris, R; Luckman, A; Steel, A

Understanding the Ecology of Urban Green Space: Decreasing Habitat Quality and Increasing Isolation?, Emma Small

Urban Domestic Gardens and Creative Conservation, Phil Warren

Conservation of butterflies in the urban landscape in the West Midlands, Byron C. Wood and Andrew S. Pullin


Soils Projects List

Workshop Report - Rapporteur Richard Shaw

Urban Regeneration: A Generic Study of Contaminated Land and Groundwater in Wolverhampton, John Cripps

Integrated Assessment and Modelling of Soil Contaminant Behaviour, Transport and Impact at Remediable Urban Sites: 1. Chromium, J.G. Farmer, R.P. Thomas, S. Hillier, J.S. Geelhoed and E. Paterson

The use of computational chemistry to investigate the behaviour of PAHs in sediments, Adri van Duin, Martin Jones, Matthew Collins, Margaret Graham, John Farmer


Water Projects List

Workshop Report  - Rapporteur Paul Webster

Modelling river corridors: The development of a bioassessment protocol for urban rivers, Luke Beavan, Jon Sadler & Clive Pinder

Management Of The Lea Marston Purification Lakes, Neerja Chaturvedi

Direct Toxicity Assessment and Mapping of Urban Groundwater Pollution: Development of biomarkers for the assessment of sublethal toxicity, R. Connon, L.B.Printes, R. Dewhurst, M. Crane & A. Callaghan

URGENT in Hounslow and Heathrow, Direct Toxicity Assessment and Mapping of Urban Groundwater Pollution, R.E. Dewhurst, J.D. Mather, M. Crane, A. Callaghan, R. Connon, L. Biehl Printes

Characterisation of the Rainfall Runoff Response of Large Urban Areas, Catherine Durr

Using Urban Aquifers: sustainability at different space and time scales, R. Greswell, A. Thomas, K.A. Shepherd, R.I. Sauer, R.G.R. Mitchener, J.M. Harris, C. Franco, E. Antonio, P. Alves, P.A. Ellis, R. Mackay, J.H. Tellam & M.O. Rivett.

Environmental Impact of Combined Sewer Overflows and Riverine Inputs on Urban Water Bodies, Emma Harris

Water Quality of the River Tame, Mark Headey

Management of the Lower River Tame, Hannah Heng

Water Quality Modelling in Urban Drainage Systems, James Marshall (BSc, MSc) John West

Correlations between hydraulic and chemical properties in the Triassic Sandstones and their impact on solute migration, Richard Mitchener

Using Urban Aquifers: Sustainable Groundwater Development at the Borehole Scale, Ralf Sauer, Richard Greswell, John Tellam and Rae Mackay

Urban Groundwater Pollutant Geochemistry, Kevin A. Shepherd, Michael O. Rivett and John H. Tellam.

Sediment-Water Interactions in a Contaminated Urban Water Body, Salford Quays, Manchester: Pore-water Fluxes and Contaminant Geochemistry, Steve Boult, Kevin G. Taylor, Nathan A. Boyd & Charles D. Curtis

Development of a Recharge Pollutant Flux Model using a Geographic Information System, Abraham Thomas, John Tellam and Richard B Greswell

Depth and Extent of Penetration of Urban Groundwater Recharge and Contamination, Sam Trowsdale, Richard Taylor, Mike Barrett, David Lerner


Meeting Agenda

List of Participants

URGENT Programme Contacts