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Soil Science Projects

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Urban regeneration: a generic study of contaminated land and groundwater in the Wolverhampton conurbation.

Integrated assessment and modelling of soil contaminant behaviour, Transport and impact at remediable urban sites.

In-situ sensing of the effect of remediaton on available metal fluxes in contaminated land.

Non-invasive characterisation of contaminated land by spectral induced polarisation (SIP) tomography.

The use of computational chemistry to investigate the behaviours of PAHs in sediments.

Studies into metal speciation and bioavailability to assist risk assessment and remediation of brownfield sites in urban areas.

Environmental systems for sustainable urban planning, regeneration and management.

Detection of abandoned mineshafts and mine waste by capacitativley coupled resistivity imaging CCRI.

Response of Archaeological Sediments and Artefacts 
to Imposed Stress Regimes as a Consequence of Past Present and Future Anthropogenic Activity

Stable isotopic characterisation of the extent of anaerobic bacxterial dehalogenation of chlorinated solvents.