Biodiversity Issues and URGENT Research

Maintaining biodiversity, is an important issue that has developed as communities have become more aware of the number of plants and animals that are becoming extinct due to human action. Understanding the patterns of ecological process that lie behind biodiversity is extremely important and this is no less so in urban environments. Recognising  how the species in urban areas flourish, and how species that are not native are introduced and spread are important factors and an URGENT Project is looking into this by examining the distribution and relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous species more info....., also important is learning about how to make adjustments to the urban environment to give plants and animals the best chance of survival. One project that is looking into this very issue is the BUGS project. BUGS stands for Biodiversity in Urban Gardens in Sheffield. This project is examining how biodiversity can be increased on a local scale by making small changes to a garden - building a pond, or growing some nectar producing plants to attract butterflies - the project is being run in Sheffield but the ideas could be used anywhere by anyone with a garden or some outdoor space. more info....

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