Logical flowcharts for use within the development planning process

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URGENT Environmental Information Systems project flowcharts.

Project Title :

Environmental systems for sustainable urban planning, regeneration and management

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Originator(s) :

Name :Dave Bridge
Address :BGS Keyworth
Town :Keyworth
County :Nottingham
Country :UK
Telephone :+44 (0) 115 936 3100
Web address :www.bgs.ac.uk
Email :dbr@bgs.ac.uk

Name :David Fowler
Address :Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Bush Estate
Town :Penicuik
County :Midlothian
Country :UK
Telephone :+44 (0) 131 445 4343
Web address :www.ceh.ac.uk
Email :dfo@ceh.ac.uk

Name :Tim Duffy
Address :British Geological Survey, Murchison House, West Mains Road
Town :Edinburgh
County :Lothian
Country :UK
Telephone :+44 (0) 131 667 1000
Web address :www.bgs.ac.uk
Email :trd@bgs.ac.uk

Name :Paul Nathanail
Address :School of Chemical Environmental and Mining Engineering, University of Nottingham, University Park,
Town :Nottingham
County :
Country :UK
Telephone :+44 (0) 115 951 4180
Web address :
Email :paul.nathanail@nottingham.ac.uk

Name :Ruth Swetnam
Address :Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Monks Wood, Abbots Ripton
Town :Huntingdon
County :Cambridgeshire
Country :UK
Telephone :+44 (0) 1487 772434
Web address :www.ceh.ac.uk
Email :rds@ceh.ac.uk

Name :Sandra Alker
Address :School of Chemical Environmental and Mining Engineering, University of Nottingham, University Park
Town :Nottingham
County :Nottinghamshire
Country :UK
Telephone :+44 (0) 78666 80652
Web address :www.nottingham.ac.uk/scheme
Email :sandra.alker@nottingham.ac.uk

Name :John Packman
Address :CEH Wallingford, Maclean Building, Crowmarsh Gifford
Town :Wallingford
County :Oxfordshire
Country :UK
Telephone :+44 (0) 1491 838800
Web address :www.ceh.ac.uk
Email :jcp@ceh.ac.uk

Abstract :

Purpose: The flowcharts encapsulate in a logical framework all of the decision points to be taken when considering environmental information within the planning process. They expand upon the guidance available in the Planning Policy Guidance (PPGs) and related legislation. They incorporate information and links to datasets, web sites, files etc which can support the decision process. There are a number of themes including: biodiversity, landscape, land stability, flood risk, green belts, designated land, air quality, contaminated land, proximity to landfill and heritage.

What: The information is presented in a series of Microsoft Visio flowcharts which are going to be served via the web, linked to a GIS.

Where: A number of local authorities have formed the focus of the work, though the flowcharts themselves are available in both generic form and tailored to the LA policies and requirements. The key Local Authority areas involved include: Telford & Wrekin, Swansea, Newham, Glasgow and Wolverhampton.

When: They encapsulate guidance as it stands in 2000 - 2002

By Whom: Ruth Swetnam & Richard Wadsworth (CEH Monks Wood) were responsible for biodiversity, designated land and greenbelts; David Bridge, Mike Lelliot and Andy Gibson (BGS Keyworth) were responsible for land instability and groundwater; David Fowler (CEH Edinburgh) was responsible for air quality; Sandra Alker and Paul Nathanail (University of Nottingham) were responsible for heritage, contaminated land and proximity to landfill; John Packman, Graham Leeks and Helen Davies CEH Wallingford) were responsible for flood risk and urban drainage.

How: Literature searches of current guidance and any other available sources open to local authorities were examined in detail. These formed the basis of the flowcharts which were then expanded and adapted to include examples of best practice, new ideas and concepts and models and research coming from the wider URGENT thematic programme.

Quality: the decision flows are under constant revision. The quality of the information is being field-tested by the local authority practitioners as a decision support system and the process is being overseen by an experienced consultant planner.

Keywords :

air quality, allotments, amenity, balancing pond, battlefields, biodiversity, catchment flood management plan, commercial, conservation, contaminated land, datasets, decision support system, decisions, designated land, earthworks, Environment Agency, environmental information system, flood defense structure, Flood Estimation Handbook, flood plain, flood risk, flowcharts, foul drain, functional flood plain, gardens, gassing, General Permitted Development Rights, GIS, Glasgow, groundwater, indicative flood plain, industrial, infiltration, landfill, landscape, listed buildings, local authorities, logical decision making, mean high water, Microsoft Visio, monitoring, Newham, open space, PAN, planning, Planning Advice Notes, pollutant lineage, porous pavement, PPG, PPG 23, PPG 26, PPG 33, pre-planning, prototype, recreational, remediation, residential, retail, risk assessment, septic tank, sewer, sewerage, soakaway, soil stability, source control, strategic, structure, SUDS, surface runoff, Sustainable Urban Drainage, Swale, Swansea, TAN, Technical Advice Notes, Telford and Wrekin, urban drainage, Wallingford Procedure, watercourse, web, wetland, Wolverhampton, World Heritage Sites.

Spatial referencing system :

British National Grid.

Geographic extent :

Extent by text description :
Extent typeExtent
Admin Area ExtentWolverhampton
Admin Area ExtentTelford & Wrekin
Admin Area ExtentSwansea
Admin Area ExtentNewham
Admin Area ExtentGlasgow City Council

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Not supplied.

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Not applicableNot applicable

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Completeness :

Not applicable, this is not a data set in its true sense.

Logical consistency :

Each area has been worked on consistently by the members of staff given in the originators entry. The process has been overseen by the project Research Fellow, Sandra Alker who has liaised between the groups and their outputs to ensure consistency between the areas.

Lineage :

All created from scratch within the project grouping for this project.

Access constraints :

Licence required.

Use constraints :

At present the flowcharts contain information specific to the individual local authorities. The data involved are commercial in confidence and are held on a secure server. Permission for any examination or use would currently require the agreement of the local authorities involved, DLTR (who are co-funding the project) and the team members. Once the project has finished and has reported it is likely that this restriction will be reviewed as the results are publicised. Interested parties are advised to contact the lead PI, Prof. Martin Culshaw at BGS Keyworth for further details.

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Not supplied.

Supplier(s) :

Name :Ruth Swetnam
Address :Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Monks Wood, Abbots Ripton
Town :Huntingdon
County :Cambridgeshire
Country :UK
Telephone :+44 (0) 1487 772434
Web address :www.ceh.ac.uk
Email :rds@ceh.ac.uk

Data Format :

html, Microsoft Visio flow charts.

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Cdrom, email, web.

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web enabled system.

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not applicable.

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not applicable.

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Not supplied.