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Outputs from the NERC URGENT Programme: A review (In Word)
Now Updated March 2001

As part of the background to the URGENT Environmental Information Systems project, a review was requested by DETR of the expected outputs of the URGENT programme. A first draft of this report has been compiled from details provided by the project leaders in the form of summary statements to the Cardiff meeting (April 2000) and from information provided to the URGENT Data Centre Managers. Expected outputs are tabulated describing datasets, models, software, GIS outputs as well as other miscellaneous categories.

Improving Air Quality.
Progress and Challenges for the Auto Industry
John K Pearson

This book describes the present state of knowledge regarding the nature of air pollutants, their sources, and their real and potential effects on health. Featuring in-depth analyses of the air quality improvement programs in both the United States and Europe. Improving Air Quality provides automotive engineers with practical information on the progress that has already been made, and the possibilities for further advances which can lead to increasing environmental improvements. Chapters cover: The Sources of Air Pollution Tackling the Problem by Legislation Air Quality Models Emissions Inventories The United States Air Quality Improvement Research Program The European Auto Oil Programme Improvements in Air Quality The Way Forward Though primarily aimed at automotive engineers, this book will also provide insight to those in the fuel and oil industries, researchers, and legislators. “The approach in reducing air quality problems must be based on teamwork.” Author John K. Pearson writes, “in which engineers and fuel technologists work closely with local and national government experts as well as the legislators.”

2001; 225 Pages; Hard Cover; ISBN: 0-7680-0236-2; Order No. R 232

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